Marble & Milkweed products are designed to simplify the way you care for your skin. Finding your own balance will be an intuitive process, but here are some recommendations to get you started. In order to help the skin find its own natural balance, I often suggest a less-is-more approach with cleansing products. Warm water on a soft cloth may be all you need to start most days, or you may want something gentle and invigorating, like a small palmful of cleansing grains.

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daily | mornings

warm water on a soft cloth or a small scoop of cleansing grains

spritz of facial tonic

3-4 drops nourishing serum or spring tonic serum


daily | evenings

rose & chamomile honey & clay cleanser or rose & chamomile cleansing grains

spritz of facial tonic

3-4 drops serum or a small dab of nourishing facial balm

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2-3 times per week

combine a small scoop of cleansing grains with a scoop of honey clay cleanser for a deeper cleansing treatment


use the nourishing facial balm as a balm cleanser with a soft, warm cloth

smooth a little nourishing body oil on after bath or shower

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every 7-10 days

cleanse however you like, followed by a facial steam

jasmine green tea masque

spritz of facial tonic

3-4 drops of serum

luxurious soaking bath with rose & cardamom bathing salts