autumn getaway kit

autumn getaway kit



// nourishing facial balm (6g)

// autumn facial tonic (limited edition, 10ml spritz)

// modern chai no. 3 (20g / enough for 3 cups)

// one piece of ethically hand-collected auralite crystal from Minnesota

// one sweetgrass braid (grown + handcrafted in eastern Washington State)

// one acorn cap filled with perfume balm no. 1 with notes of jasmine, cardamom, vanilla and lapsang souchong

// one organic cotton facial cloth

+ a coupon for 15% off refills on select kit items (balm, facial tonic, chai and perfume) valid until December 5th, 2017.

Packed in a small linen bag, this collection is perfect to take with you on an autumn weekend out of town. Featuring small sizes of a few essential luxuries, our getaway kits change with the seasons, continuously offering the chance to try something new.


nourishing facial balm // ingredients: sunflower oil*, coconut oil*, local beeswax, argan oil*, sesame oil*, shea butter*, rosehip seed oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, local honey, calendula extract*, rosehip extract*, sea buckthorn extract*, jasmine extract*, essential oils of helichrysum*, frankincense*, neroli*, wild carrot, wild chamomile, rose otto*, local bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly, non-gmo vitamin e (organic*)

autumn facial tonic // ingredients: wildcrafted witch hazel hydrosol, organic rosehip hydrosol, wildcrafted rockrose hydrosol, sustainably wildcrafted sandalwood hydrosol

modern chai no. 3 // ingredients: *fair-trade jasmine green tea & *jasmine pearls, *cardamom, *ginger, **tulsi, *black pepper, *nutmeg, *vanilla (*organic)(**cultivated without chemicals)

All Marble & Milkweed products are made by hand and with love, in New York City!

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