cardamom scent layering gift set

cardamom scent layering gift set

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Botanical perfume has a magic to it that simply can’t be replicated in a laboratory. Real plant oils and essences are intense, complex and ephemeral, interacting in unique ways with the chemistry of our own bodies to create an evolving, intimate experience. Botanical perfume is alive. 

I’m constantly experimenting with ways to deepen and extend the experience of wearing botanical fragrance, and I’m delighted to introduce these curated pairings of our perfumes and our butters to offer you a more immersive scent experience. 

Botanical scent tends to last longer on well moisturized skin, so pairing and layering a botanical perfume with its complimentary nourishing butter is the perfect way to extend the life of your scent, while also ensuring that skin stays hydrated, particularly going into the cooler months ahead here in the northern hemisphere.

This pairing features our botanical perfume ‘the rains’ & our cardamom butter.

By turns richly resinous and brightly spicy, cardamom curls through every layer of this delicious pairing. It mingles with precious Mitti attar, the manifestation, in essence form, of the magical scent of dry earth just after a rainstorm. With base notes of earthy fossilized amber, warm sandalwood and a touch of rich vanilla, this combination manages to both ground and transport, making it seem possible to feel at home wherever you are. 

The set makes a lovely gift, and comes wrapped beautifully in a linen drawstring bag.

All Marble & Milkweed products are made by hand and with love, in New York City!

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