cold brew green tea with roses, lemon balm and tulsi

cold brew green tea with roses, lemon balm and tulsi

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Celebrate the beauty and abundance of the season with this delicate floral summer blend, especially designed to be cold brewed and served over ice. The perfect refreshing sip for warm days!

This year, I've selected selected a beautiful organic green tea for this blend from the beautiful heritage Assamica tea gardens of Doi Mae Salong, in northern Thailand. Sourced from a small estate that produces superb organic small-batch teas in harmony with the land and with their workers, I am delighted to use their green tea in concert with local botanicals to create this seasonal blend.

Organic tulsi (holy basil) and organic lemon balm, both grown in Lancaster County, PA, and carefully dried at the peak of flavor give this blend a gentle herbal & citrus note, and support the calm, yet industrious energy of the season. Organic rose petals lend the tea a sweetly floral character.

Cold brewing is one of my favorite ways to enjoy green tea, and this blend has been specifically designed to be cold-brewed and served chilled for summer refreshment. Splash about 1oz of 180F water over 1 tbsp. tea leaves, wait a few seconds, then finish with 5-7 oz more cold water, and cover. You can also multiply this recipe to brew a pitcher. Allow to steep in the refrigerator for 3-5 hours, or longer, according to your taste. Serve chilled, or over ice.

{1 oz recyclable + compostable box with biodegradable cellulose liner from sustainably managed forests}

Please reuse, compost or recycle this package after you have enjoyed all of your tea.

ingredients: organic green tea, organic rose petals, organic lemon balm, organic tulsi leaves & flowers

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