rose & chamomile cleansing grains

rose & chamomile cleansing grains

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These extraordinarily fine & gentle cleansing grains begin with a base of organic Maine oats, Moroccan rhassoul clay, organic marshmallow root, organic rose petals, and organic chamomile flowers. 

To use: Always dip into your grains with a clean, dry spoon to extend their lifespan. Add a tiny bit of water or hydrosol to a small spoonful of cleansing grains in your palm to make a paste. Massage onto wet skin, then rinse with warm water. To use as a masque, simply mix as directed, massage onto skin and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. 

ingredients: rhassoul clay, *oats, *rose petals, *marshmallow root, *hibiscus flowers, *rosehips, *chamomile flowers, essences of *rose otto and *german chamomile (*organic)

{35g light-protective glass jar of cleansing grains or 8g sample packet}

REFILLS ARE NOW AVAILABLE in biodegradable cellulose 35g bags for $32. Send us an email for a custom invoice!

Our cleansing grains are gentle enough for everyday use and full of soothing botanicals, but as with any product that's new to you, try a small patch test first to ensure its compatibility with your skin.

All Marble & Milkweed products are made by hand and with love, in New York City!

"A wonderful exfoliator for sensitive skin!" - M.

"This stuff is incredible! Best cleansing grains I have ever used. No irritation and it doesn't scratch my skin like some I have tried. Makes my skin so soft and smooth. I use it every morning!" - S.

"I love it. It's a perfect ratio of paste and scrub that doesn't leave my face feeling dry or tight." - L.

"These are by far the best cleansing grains I've tried. So many others feel rough on my skin, but these are soft and feel gentle. And I love the faintly rosy smell!" - E.

Please note: We’re currently phasing out the outer kraft boxes on all our products in an effort to conserve resources, since our violet glass jars provide very effective light protection on their own. Thanks for understanding!

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