copal resin incense bundle

copal resin incense bundle


Sustainably harvested, fair-trade copal resin from Oaxaca, Mexico, ethically sourced by Talyah at Amoona Botanicals. Copal was used in ancient Mayan and Aztec ritual, and offers a sweet, earthy, and uplifting scent.

Burning Instructions:

Unwrap bundle and place crystal aside for safe keeping. Light stick and allow flame to burn down at least half an inch. Blow flame out. If the stick puts itself out while burning, relight and allow flame to burn longer before blowing out. With focused attention gently blow on the stick to direct smoke. Place in the soil of a plant, in a bowl of rice, or in an incense holder. Set the intention of creating a sacred space filled with peace, love, harmony and beauty.

{each incense bundle contains 4 sticks bound together with hemp twine and a quartz crystal, and is approximately 10.5 inches long}

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