winter getaway kit

winter getaway kit




// winter nourishing body oil - 7.4ml

// winter forest facial tonic - 10ml

// nourishing serum - 3.7ml

// forest tea - 12g enough for 3 cups

// rose + chamomile honey and clay facial cleanser - 10g enough for 2-3 uses

// forest perfume sample with notes of fir, himalayan cedar, labdanum, myrrh, wild Omani frankincense and oud - 1ml

// black tourmaline


+ a coupon for 15% off kit refills (body oil, facial tonic, nourishing serum, forest tea, rose & chamomile facial cleanser & forest perfume) valid until February 1st, 2018 while supplies last.


Packed in a linen drawstring bag, this collection is perfect to take with you on a winter weekend out of town. Featuring small sizes of a few essential luxuries, our getaway kits change with the seasons, continuously offering the chance to try something new.


winter nourishing body oil //  ingredients: *jojoba oil, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *rosehip seed oil, *coconut oil, essential oils of *frankincense, **himalayan cedar, **myrrh, **silver fir, *douglas fir, choya loban, **labdanum, absolutes of **white cedar and **balsam fir, non-gmo vitamin e (*organic, **wildcrafted)

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mamas.

winter forest facial tonic // ingredients: wildcrafted witch hazel hydrosol (Hamamelis virginiana), wildcrafted red cedar (Thuja plicata) hydrosol, wildcrafted douglas fir hydrosol (Pseudotsuga menziesii) wildcrafted juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) hydrosol

nourishing serum // ingredients: organic argan oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic sesame oil, organic tamanu oil, organic baobab oil, essential oil of neroli, wildcrafted essential oils of wild carrot seed and sea buckthorn, organic rose otto, non-gmo vitamin e

forest tea // ingredients: organic heirloom pu-erh, organic lapsang souchong, organic blackberry leaves, organic violet leaves, wild-harvested douglas fir tips, organic blue cornflowers

rose + chamomile honey cleanser // local raw honey, *sunflower oil infused with *calendula & *marshmallow root, bentonite clay, white kaolin clay, rose kaolin clay, *vegetable glycerine, *sesame oil, *rosehip seed oil, essences of *rose otto, *rose geranium & *german chamomile, local beeswax, non-gmo vitamin e (*organic)


All Marble & Milkweed products are made by hand and with love, in New York City!


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